Say No to Can't!

Starting something new is always daunting. You are not sure what to expect or what to do but we have all began our journey at some point and so start by saying yes and letting go of fear! There you go, you've taken the first and most important step on your yoga journey!

Now lets talk about what else is stopping're not sure what to wear, where to go or even if you are going to be able to do it!

Well, let's get a few of those concerns crossed off the list shall we? 

YOGA: You don't have to be good at it!

Get out of your head and into your heart.
Think less. Feel more.
— Osho

'I've never done Yoga before, what class should I do?'

Firstly, read about the different styles of yoga and the classes we teach at Yoga loft. Explore a few until you find one to suit you. Start with a beginners class and master the basics but remember, don't be intimidated, everyone is in the same boat, there is no judgement and every move can be performed at different levels - you'll soon pick it up!

'What do I wear?'

Comfortable clothing that you can move easily and sweat in (for some classes). Most people find gym or activewear to be the best choice.

We practice in bare feet but there is a changing area where you can leave your shoes and belongings.

'What do I need to bring'

Yoga mats are provided but feel free to bring your own if you prefer. A towel and a bottle of water is always useful but the most important thing to bring is an open mind and a positive smile!

Our Purpose built yoga studio is the perfect place to practice.

Do not try to be the best.
Just do your best.
— Sadhguru

Patient practice makes progress.

Join our 'Brogas'


Healthy You, Healthy Baby


'What are the facilities?'

We have a small changing area within the studio where you can change if you are coming straight from/to work or going out. There are also toilet facilities that you can use.

We also have a comfortable seating area where you can get to know your fellow yogis and enjoy a cup of green tea if you have the time. Find out about the Yoga Loft studio.

'Where do I go?'

We are located on the top floor of Britannia Buildings, on Coventry Road in Burbage. Find parking on the street or there is a car park just around the corner on Britannia Road behind Millennium Hall.

On arrival, enter through the main door and take the stairs immediately to your left, all the way to the top floor (a good warm up!). There is a for at the top of the stairs on the left that leads you straight into the studio. Find us.

'How often should I practice?'

You can practice as often as you like. Some practice as regularly as 5-6 times a week but listen to your body and be aware of what it is telling you. To get the most benefits from Yoga we would recommend a regular practice and if you are cross training with other activities the 2-3 times a week should provide you with many benefits.

'Is Yoga just for women or can Men practice too?'

Absolutely, Yes! Our 'Broga' class is one of our busiest classes and there are many benefits to Men practicing yoga. As well as the physical benefits of building strong, lean muscle, our male students notice health and mental advantages too.

 They also comment that it's refreshing to find an activity where egos are left at the door! 

Men are not just limited to our Broga class and participate in many of our other classes too.

'Can I practice Yoga if I am pregnant or just had a baby?'

We have specifically designed classes for expectant Mums, as well as post-natal classes for new Mums. During this exciting time in your life your body and your mind  goes through many changes. Practicing Yoga and relaxation techniques can help support you through the pregnancy, birth and beyond. Read more about our classes here.

(Please note we always advise you to talk to your medical practitioner prior to commencing any activity during or post pregnancy).