Master Your Class

Choosing your classes and working out which one's are best for you can be difficult, but don't worry, you don't have to have it all figured out right now... just give it a go!

Master the basics

We all have to start somewhere and usually the beginning is a very good place to start! It is important that you master the basic yoga techniques and poses by attending our beginners classes until you are ready to progress your practice to the next level. This helps you work out what style is right for you, lets your mind and your body learn and prevents any unwanted injuries!

Consider why you want to practice

Explore your intentions. Are you looking to get into shape? Build strength and flexibility? Complement your existing training programme? Do you want to strengthen your practice and maybe try something new?

You may also be interested in the restorative benefits of yoga? Are you searching for deep relaxation of your mind and body, a relief from the stress of everyday life, or even relief from a physical ailment such as back pain?  

What are your personal needs?

Be truthful with yourself and understand what you need as an individual. Are you motivated by a challenge? Or do you benefit from a more nurturing and softer approach? Do you like the discipline and structure of practicing the same thing until you've cracked it? Or, do you like to keep things varied? 

Find out more about the different styles of yoga we teach at the Yoga loft for some guidance.

If you're not sure, try it out!

You may not know yet what style is right for you, so start by trying out a few different styles and see what you enjoy. You may find a combination of classes work well to give you an all-round practice, or you may just fall in love with one in particular!

Experienced yogis - you may wish to try out a style of yoga that is different to the one you regularly practice,  or you may wish to explore the practice in more depth. At the Yoga loft we have a wide range of classes available to suit every need.

If you have any existing health condition or currently recovering from an injury please speak to us for advice on the most suitable class for you.

Above all be mindful of how you feel. Yoga should make you feel relaxed, open and grounded in your body. 

You want to feel challenged but not overwhelmed - it's your practice and we want you to love it and stick with it for a lifetime.