Yoga is a personal journey unique to you. At the Yoga Loft we believe in supporting, guiding and nurturing you to get the most out of your practice.

Our ethos is based at the heart of the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga practice and the 8 limbs of yoga

The physical element of yoga is just one part of our dynamic practice and as you travel through your own personal journey you will discover many benefits that go far beyond your class.

We founded the Yoga Loft because we wanted to share the unique benefits of the yoga experience with our students, providing a welcoming and nurturing place to practice.

 Most modern teachings of yoga do not cover the entire range of the yoga experience, but here at the Yoga Loft we believe that by teaching yoga as a traditional process, as well as a practice, you can truly maximise the benefits to empower both body and mind.

We consider yoga is right for everyone. It doesn't make judgement, it doesn't discriminate; anyone and everyone can benefit from this powerful practice. 

Whether starting or continuing your journey we look forward to welcoming you.


Do your practice and all is coming
— Shri K Pattabhi