We pride ourselves on the quality of our teachers here at the Yoga Loft. We are all experienced and passionate instructors who want to help you to get the most out of your practice.


Kat Jennings

 Co - Founder  Ashtanga Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga Teacher.

My first encounter of Yoga was in 2009 when it was prescribed as a therapy to heal a back injury. In October 2010 I ventured to India to deepen my knowledge and understanding of Yoga and qualified as a “200 HR” Yoga Teacher at Sampoorna Yoga, and have been teaching Yoga and promoting a healthier lifestyle ever since. 

Over the years of my yoga practice I was very fortunate  to meet and study with some "Yoga Legends" whom I have learned and developed my knowledge of yoga philosophy, yoga sutras, yoga anatomy and correct alignment. My teaching style is greatly influenced by my current teacher John Scott who I met in India in 2015 a direct student of Sri K Pattabhi Jois -Guriji. Just  before summer 2017 I completed Ashtanga yoga Teacher training programme under John's guidance learning to teach yoga in the traditional way ,preserving the key principles of the Ashtanga vinyasa system.

I have been teaching yoga for the last 7 years in the Hinckley area and I have truly enjoyed sharing "the magic of yoga" with many different generations. It is a very rewarding feeling to see many of those students ,some now very good friends and some even business partners still coming through the door  and enjoying the energy and comfort of our peaceful -Yoga Loft...Namaste...


Vicki Cropp
Co Founder/Vinyasa Flow Teacher


My aim behind what I do is to share and show students how they can incorporate the many principles and benefits of Yoga in our busy 21st century lifestyles, whilst “keeping it real,” that’s me!! I’m running a business, a mum of two young boys with another on the way so I’m with you!! My biggest piece of advice is to find that time for yourself, it’ll help you in everything else you do and no one else is going to offer it to you so find that “space” where you can.

I fell in love with Yoga after having my first baby where I thought I was going to class to get the “body back” only to realise that it was my MIND I was getting back too. And this is what I LOVE about Yoga Practice as it works on your body and your mind at the same time – win, win!! (why would you not!?)

From experiencing the many benefits that Yoga Practice gives to me, I made the decision to train to teach in India in 2015 with my young family in tow. This trip was life changing and sparked the decision to give up my day job as Secondary School Teacher and open the studio with Kat in Oct 2016.

I started with and continue to practice the Ashtanga Yoga System as it is such a great foundation and grounding but I have since evolved into a teacher of Vinyasa Flow. The ex-dancer in me loves the choreography of combining and sequencing postures together. I also enjoy the freedom of movement that Vinyasa Flow offers and that’s why every class you do is different. Still synchronising movement to breath but allowing the body to just unravel and go where it needs to go enjoying the “journey” of the transitions into the postures as well as the postures themselves.

My greatest pleasure in teaching and co-owning the studio is seeing the difference that Yoga is making to our students, not just on the mat but off it, how it can improve lives as I will often say “don’t just practice yoga to get better at yoga, practice yoga to get better at living.” 


Katy Cooper


Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

Hi my name is Katy Cooper I’m a Hypnobirthing practitioner at Body to Baby and now I am very proud to say I’m the Pregnancy and Mother & Baby Yoga teacher at the truly beautiful Yoga Loft (it’s one of my favourite calming spaces)

I started practising Yoga with Vicki & Kat in 2016 and I haven’t looked back since. Yoga plays a huge part in my life and it’s something I’m very passionate about. I love the fact that it has positively transformed me for the better and how much stronger I have become not just physically, but mentally as well.... its surprising how much longer I can keep my calm with my 2 toddlers!!

It’s given me clarity, I have gained more of an acceptance within myself and in everything I do. I feel stronger, calmer, happier in my body and my mind.

So, when the opportunity came up to become the Yoga Lofts Pre‐& Postnatal yoga teacher, how could I say no!

I already love that I can support couples have positive and calm births through Hypnobirthing and now love that I can extend this through Birth Preparation Pregnancy Yoga and beyond, with Mummy’s and their beautiful baby’s.

Come and feel the benefits for yourself! I look forward to seeing you on the mat. Namaste x 


Danielle Prewitt


Ashtanga Vinyassa & Vinyasa Flow Teacher

Hey, I'm Danielle and teach Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow yoga at the Yoga Loft. 

I've been a yoga practitioner since 2011 and a yoga teacher since 2013. I was originally drawn to yoga as a supplement to gym workouts, but after a couple of sessions I was hooked!! My body felt stronger and more open within a few months, and the more i practised the more I fell in love! 

I decided to deepen my practice and take a 2 month sabbatical from work to practice in Mysore, India. This was a period of self practice and i also undertook a course in Pranayama (breath control). It gave me the opportunity to learn new adjustments from my teacher Sheshadri. 

I'm now a part time yoga teacher, and full time practitioner. My fave space to practice is The Yoga Loft....of course! See you all on the mat soon. 




Charlotte Hargreaves


Baby Massage Teacher

Im Charlotte of CHReflexology. I am a qualified therapist in Reflexology and also baby massage, I started my incredible journey 3 years ago when I started my diploma to offer my Nanna an holistic approach to her cancer treatment when chemotherapy was no longer an option.  I can honestly say I have never looked back and I love watching and helping people in a non invasive non medical way. 

My baby massage class is designed to combine both reflexology and massage to create and magical routine for parent and baby to bond. 

Baby massage can benefit both parent and toddler in many ways some include;





Teething and so many more.


Is always a Student of Yoga, with a great respect for tradition, with a desire to listen, enquire/research, develop and be creative.
A practitioner who has had first-hand experience and continues in the System, Method and Practice.
A teacher that has direct connection to the great lineage of teachers is self-aware in the moment and non-judgemental.
A teacher that students can have faith in.
A teacher that can be trusted.
A teacher that guides the student towards Self – Responsibility.
A teacher that introduces the student to the “Guru” within.
A teacher that will guide the student towards insight or inner peace.

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