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Yoga Nidra By Candelight (Deep Relaxation/Meditation) £15

Yoga Nidra What is it: a very restful practice, taking you to the place between consciousness and sleep. We will do some gentle movements to prepare the body for rest and then get comfortable with blankets, bolsters and eye pillows. It is an extended savasana during which you are taken through a guided meditation. No previous experience of yoga or meditation is necessary to enjoy the practice. Who is it for: everyone. Whether you are very physically active or are currently unable to participate in regular exercise; taking time in recovery from surgery or illness; sleep deprived; dealing with big life changes and decisions or just wanting to make time to properly rest and relax the body and mind. What are the benefits: just half an hour of Yoga Nidra is believed to have the equivalent effects of 2 hours of sleep. It has been found to improve blood pressure, increase hormonal balance, reduce symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, decrease anxiety and depression, decrease negative thought patterns and habits (thus making space to reinforce new healthy ones), decrease fatigue.