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Alignment Yoga Workshop (£25)

The correct alignment when in Yoga Postures is fundamental and is something, we pride ourselves on the correct teaching of, here at The Yoga Loft. Whether you attend Ashtanga or Vinyasa Flow classes we would highly recommend you take the time to delve deeply into this workshop to really start to understand and connect with the anatomical mechanics and correct positioning of the postures.

Throughout our classes we always aim to teach correct alignment either in our verbal cues or physical adjustments but there is only so much that can be take on board in an hour’s class.

This workshop therefore is another opportunity for us to empower you to become more of your own teacher in your practice as you start to recognise and connect more with how things should feel in your body and in the postures.

Correct alignment is not only essential to avoid injury but it also unlocks blocks you may currently be experiencing in some postures which will then take you further in your practice, often it isn't that you can’t do postures its more the need to understand the technicalities of getting into the postures correctly and safely.