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Vinyasa Flow -Alignment Masterclass (£25)

Welcome to our first Vinyasa Flow specific Workshop/Masterclass. During Vinyasa Flow there is little time to breakdown postures because the whole point of this style is to well...FLOW. Therefore it’s difficult to stop and start as it would loose that momentum and the combining of the postures that we all enjoy.

However there is still a lot of information and technicality in those postures that I would love to share with you as well as the opportunity to spend more time with you as students helping you further with your exploration of Yoga. Throughout our classes we always aim to teach correct alignment either in our verbal cues or physical adjustments but there is only so much that can be take on board in an hour’s class. A workshop therefore a great investment for us to empower you to become more of your own teacher in your practice as you start to recognise and connect more with how things should feel in your body and in the postures, which will inform you further in your classes.

A good foundation and correct alignment in any style of YOGA is key to avoid injury but also to enable you to get further on in your Yoga journey so spending the time to attend a workshop will mean you'll get even more out of your subsequent classes. Often its not that people can't do some postures it's having a better understanding of how to do them, stripping it down and looking at the mechanics of those.

We will firstly spend some time looking at certain key foundation postures like Chaturanga, Awkward Chair and placement into Warriors that are fundamental in all of our sequences. Then we will look at breaking down some of those more trickier postures like Fallen Star, Wild Thing and Half Moon, happy to also take suggestions from the floor for any particular postures that we do in class that you'd like more explanation and help on?

The session will also end with a 15min Relaxation/Meditation Session.

Correct alignment is not only essential to avoid injury but it also unlocks blocks you may currently be experiencing in some postures which will then take you further in your practice, often it isn't that you can’t do postures its more the need to understand the technicalities of getting into the postures correctly and safely.