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Beginners' Foundation Workshop - Learn Yoga Correctly (£25)

This workshop is an absolute must for those who have recently joined our Beginners’ classes or for those looking to start. The teachers at The Yoga Loft pride ourselves on our training and knowledge anatomically to ensure you’re in the correct alignment of the postures. We do those naturally in every class but the Workshop allows us a little more time to spend with you. Alignment of the poses is paramount to both avoid injury but to also get the full benefit of the postures. In the workshop, we break down each pose further and we will both verbally and physically get you to feel the correct alignment, which you can then incorporate into your own practice and classes.

We also spend more time teaching you the breathing technique of the Ujjayi breath, the technique we use during our classes. Again we break this down to teach you how to master it. Correct breathing technique is essential not only in the physical practice to keep oxygen to the muscles and an internal heat to the body but also to enable you to get more of the mindfulness and meditation of the yoga practice.

The session ends with refreshments and the opportunity for Q&A.

Later Event: 29 September
Vinyasa Flow -Alignment Masterclass (£25)